• Split / Residential

    Split / Residential

    We are importers, distributors, stockists, equipment suppliers and contractors of Residential/Split air conditioners in Sri Lanka offering some of the world’s best brands.
    We design and deliver complete solutions using inverter & non- inverter and splits & multi split air conditioners for residences and commercial establishments. We design, install, repair and maintain all types of split air conditioners for all sectors and segments of the market.
















  • VRV / VRF


    For large residential to commercial establishments, GREEN AIR SOLUTIONS designs and delivers complete Air Conditioning (HVAC) solutions using Packaged Type Air Conditioning Units and VRV/VRF systems (Inverter type and Digital Scroll) with refrigerants R22/R410A/R407C for offices, showrooms, restaurant setcin a single level to high rise buildings. We service, maintain and repair all types of commercial air conditioners offering fast and reliable service.

  • Central


    GREEN AIR SOLUTIONS undertakes projects on turnkey, custom built, technology solutions or consultancy basis making us a preferred choice for a discerning group of customers with central and industrial air conditioning requirements. We offer the full range of services from initial load calculation, layout design, equipment supplying to implementation and commissioning of projects. We are specialized partner for retrofit and energy initiative solutions.
    Our company offers chillers, both air cooled and water cooled with compressors ranging from Screw, Scroll, Centrifugal to Magnetic Centrifugal with the world’s best standards and high efficiencies. We offer high tech chillers with refrigerants R22, R407C and eco friendly refrigerants such as R134a and R410A as per customer requirements. GREEN AIR SOLUTIONS has the capability of designing and implementing District Cooling Systems (DCS). District Cooling System is using a central source ( a chill water plant) to supply air conditioning to multiple buildings with maximum efficiency and minimal cost.
    We offer service, maintenance and repairs to all kinds of central air conditioners including repairs to Chiller systems.


Our Installation department provides expert 24 hour Emergency Service for all your air-conditioning issues.

Complete Comfort Heating & Air takes a unique approach to air conditioner installation. Installing a new HVAC system can be inconvenient at best, but more often it is a complete disruption of your family’s lives. Some Salt Lake Air Conditioner installation contractors are notorious for coming in, doing their work and leaving chaos and disorder their wake. Complete Comfort is committed to leaving your home in better condition than they found it. Always polite, respectful and considerate, you will never have to worry about cleaning up after the technicians.


Our Replacement department provides expert 24 hour Emergency Service for all your air-conditioning issues.

If you often mistake the sound of your heating system for a freight train, it may be time for a furnace replacement. If your power bills have begun to soar and your toes turn icy at night, it’s definitely time for a new heater.

Repair & Maintenance

Our Maintenance department provides expert 24 hour Emergency Service for all your air-conditioning issues.

Your air conditioner may be working, but is it working correctly? Is it working efficiently enough to save you the most money while it cools your home? Chances are, you have no way to know that for sure. Complete Heating and Air can provide an Air Conditioning Repair specialist who can answer these pressing questions, using a sophisticated combination of electronic testing equipment and specialized diagnostic techniques.